Old Nickelodeon Shows

Old Nickelodeon Shows, Nick Splat, Nicktoons

“Nick- Nick- Nick- Nick- Ni..Nick.. Nick -Nick… Nickelodeon…” This cute repetitive jingle that always manages to bring smiles to our eager young faces, marks the start of our favorite old nickelodeon shows back in the good old days of the 90s and early 2000s.

Old nickelodeon shows of this glorious decade were the best tv shows on the boob tube. These shows included great nickelodeon classics such as the coming of age series Clarissa Explains it All, the tastefully scary Are You Afraid of the Dark?, the ever fantastic Journey of Allen Strange, the adrenaline filled Adventures of Alex Mack  the heartwarming The Adventures of Pete and Pete and the ever zany Kenan and Kel.

Nickelodeon also had great game shows such as the mind boggling and ever slimy Figure it Out, the exciting GUTS, the fun Double Dare and the mystical Legends of the Hidden Temple.

A list of old nickelodeon shows won’t be complete without mentioning great classic cartoons such as the fantasy laden Doug, the cute Rugrats, the weird Ren and Stimpy, the oddly addicting Rocko’s Modern Life, the frightening Aaaah! Real Monsters, the whimsical Kablam!, the neurotically funny Angry Beavers, the crazy Sponge bob Square Pants, the real and sentimental As Told by Ginger and the nostalgic Hey Arnold!.

The 90s was the golden age of nickelodeon and we are better having been a part of it.