Old Nickelodeon Shows : The Journey of Allen Strange

thejourneyofallenstrengeThe Journey of Allen Strange is one of the more fantastic of all the old nickelodeon shows. The main plot of the series involves an alien being that was left here on Earth trying to make his way home with the help of a native brother and sister.

After the alien crosses path with a young girl and her brother he is then given a more native name. ¬†They give the alien the clever and titular name-Allen Strange, obviously a play of words for “alien” and “strange” signifying that he is an oddity in this world.

Each episode would give hope to the young stranded alien as they eventually uncover clues and some means of contacting Allen’s home planet.

Allen has some alien super powers that he uses to bring good to his adoptive family. His powers also enable him to continue living here on Earth while allowing him to understand more fully his newly found human condition.