Old Nickelodeon Shows : The Adventures of Pete and Pete

peteandpeteThe Adventures of Pete and Pete was one of the quintessential growing up-coming of age series of all the old nickelodeon shows.

The series follows the lives of 2 brothers named  Pete and Pete and the lives of friends anf family around them. It is set in the beautiful town of Wellsville.

There are two sides to the Adventures of Pete and Pete series. The first facet of this great nickelodeon series is the more serious nature of the older pete story. The stories centered on the older red haired brother are usually more serious and real; as real as asking your girl best friend to be your best girlfriend. The stories of the younger red haired brother are usually of the more unusual and weird quality; as weird as meeting an alien or going back in time with the help of bran cereal. Notice that i say “usually” in describing both of these aspects because every now and then they switch.

The stories of The Adventures of Pete and Pete accompanied with songs that are now as nostalgic to me (or any fan in that matter) are as heart warming as the sunsets in summer you spend with family and friends.

This is the emotion evoked by this old nickelodeon show classic. This is truly a great 90s show that I highly recommend anyone reading this to check out.