Old Nickelodeon Shows: Nicktoons – Rocko’s Modern Life

rockosmodernlife‘If you want off beat comedy from an intelligent cartoon then you’re in for a treat with Rocko’s Modern Life. Rocko’s  Modern Life is an nicktoon that was one of the greatest old nickelodeon shows of all time.

The show works on many levels. It works with the purely childish humor and wit much like how old slapsticks classics of old work but the show also works on a deeper more intellectual level. Maybe i’m just reading too much into the show but it really does have that artsy fartsy thing going on making a comment on society and all.

The show features a group of friends with the titular Rocko in the center. Rocko is a an out of place wallaby with a slightly more out of place Australian accent in a modern U.S of A setting- er- representation of America. (a wallaby is a marsupial that hails from Australia- looks sort of like a little kangaroo)

The other members of this group are a cow – well a bull if you want to be specific- named Heffer Wolfe. (a heifer pronounced “heffer” is actually what a young cow is called.) Heffer is a young bull that was adopted by a wolf family as  a meal but soon was raised as one of their own because of his lovable nature.

Then we have Filburt Turtle or sometimes referred to as Filbert Shellbach. As you would’ve probably guessed Filburt (I like the “u” spelling) is a turtle. In keeping with a turtles obvious self protecting nature, Filburt is depicted as being neurotic. This young turtle doesn’t want to try new stuff and is always afraid of being hurt or of getting germs and viruses. Well, being friends with Heffer, his fears are certainly warranted. Filburt is often heard repeating his famous mantra “I’m nauseous.”- which is actually a grammatical errorr- a better statement would’ve been- “I’m nauseated.”.