Old Nickelodeon Shows : Nicktoons – Ren and Stimpy

renandstimpyRen and Stimpy is the name of the cult cartoon hit of the 90s that was one of the best programs to ever hit the list of the old nickelodeon shows.

Ren and Stimpy were also the names of the title characters a neurotic and bordering on psychopathic chihuahua (Ren) and a simple minded cat (Stimpy). I really didn’t see how Stimpy could’ve been a cat. Honestly even now with my much more artistically discerning eye i could never guess that Stimpy is a cat had it not been for an episode that explicitly states that he is in fact a cat.

This nicktoon really appeals to the younger audience for its slapstick based humor and over the top animation and it also appeals to older teens and adults for its much more mature and sometimes more immature undertones.