Old Nickelodeon Shows : Nicktoons – Hey Arnold

heyarnoldHey Arnold is a show that was popular in the good old days of the 90s. This show was set in a fictional city that is really similar to New York. The characters are the group of friends at P.S. 118. Arnold is not the leader of the group but his mysterious and suave ways make him everyone’s friend.

Arnold lives in an apartment building owned by his grand parents. The people in this apartment building, not to mention his grand parents, are the weirdest and the most real characterization of humanity ever in the history of the old nickelodeon shows.

Visually this nicktoon was involved in a successful experiment. This is the only nicktoon that modelled their main characters after common day to day things like, a football (Arnold), an open tin can (gerald) and a broom (Helga).

The show is set in their own little chunk of life their own block in the city. The shows main theme is one of being a child and experiencing the joys and sometimes aches of being a child growing up.