Old Nickelodeon Shows Nick Toons – Doug

doug2Doug is a coming of age nicktoon that is so relatable it is set in your very own childhood and teenage years. Doug’s titular character is Doug Funnie, an average young kid that has all the troubles of a teenage wannabe and the imagination of someone barely out of grade school. Doug Funnie even has a superhero alter ego oddly named Quail Man. He even gets his dog Pork Chop into the act naming him Quail Dog.

Doug’s best friend is Skeeter he is colored blue and he always supports his friend. His real name is even weirder than his nickname. it’s Mosquito.

Roger Klotz is Doug’s rival in school. Everyone’s got to have a rival and Doug certainly picked the best of them. Roger is also the resident school bully by the way.

Patti Mayonnaise is Doug’s dream girl. She somehow is always mentioned in a sentence by Doug. This uncertain relationship non relationship status they have with each other is what really hits home for me. It is just so real that you can touch it. Even after the series is finished their relationship status is not really certain maybe it’s because Doug always gets cold feet.- but that’s growing up.