Old Nickelodeon Shows : Nicktoons – Aaah! Real Monsters

aaahrealmonstersOf all the old Nickelodeon shows Aaah! Real Monsters is the only Nicktoon that succeeds in making kids like monsters instead of making kids fear them- not that all the other nicktoons make it their mission to make monsters seem extremely scary. The cartoon centers on the antics of 3 young monster students who live under a mountain of junk.

Ickis is the red rabbit eared guy that who is stronger than he looks. He is the leader of the trio but he is far from being level headed. His monster tactics range from just plain surprise attacks to his all powerful “looming” power which makes him grow to as much as more than 10 x his original size.

Oblina’s russian sounding name isn’t an indication of her looks. She is a  tube like monster that is sometimes mistaken for a striped umbrella or a very ugly sugar cane. Her grotesquely huge lips are her best assets for scaring for they hide beneath them an assortment of killer teeth and fangs.

Kromm looks almost human. His figure is that of a short pudgy human being just without the head. He carries his eyes with him but what makes him scary is his powerful stench. His stench is his greatest weapon in scaring the living daylights out of humans.

These monster kids are training to become top monster scarers, because this is what monsters obviously live for- scaring humans silly. They are taught the basics of scaring in an academy that is run by a monster veteran named Gromble. Gromble is shown as this monster hero and role model who knows what is what in the monster world. Students fear and respect him but when they don’t he isn’t one to be stingy in giving out snorching to keep young monsters in line.

This cartoon had to be the most dramatic in terms of cinematography for any nicktoon since almost all of the episodes of Aaah! Real Monsters was set in night time. I commend their artistic approach to story telling.