Old Nickelodeon Shows : Kenan and Kel

kenanandkelKenan and Kel was the most serious show on air of all the old Nickelodeon shows. Well… If you believed that then you haven’t seen a single episode.

Kenan and Kel follows the adventures of two best friends just trying to live their teenage life day to day. This means that they try to solve all their problems in their normal teenage ways- which means- CRAZY.

Kenan is the schemer of the duo. He decides what they do and how they do it. He is always looking for that get rich quick scheme that works. He stays true to his nature and just looks to make that quick buck along the way.

Kel is the more simple minded of the teenage duo. He is innocent and simple. He doesn’t want anything else than just his Orange Soda. His love for orange soda is what keeps the orange soda market afloat.

The list of shenanigans Kenan and Kel have been in involved in range from innocent misunderstandings with with local shoppers in the convenience store they work at to as serious as a highly publicized case against a tuna canning company after they find a screw inside a tuna can they opened.