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GUTS – Nickelodeon

DO YOU HAVE IT? GUTS!!!  This is the question we are asked before we are allowed to enter the Extreme Arena.  Once you’re in, you are not allowed to wimp out.

GUTS is one of the only 2 titles of the old Nickelodeon shows that test the contestants’ physical skills. The other game show is the Legends of the Hidden Temple.

It is obvious that GUTS was heavily inspired by american gladiators but they added a few changes to the format to make it more kid friendly –  and I use the the term “friendly” loosely. Contestants are pitted against each other in a competition of strength, endurance and agility and unlike American Gladiator where contestants compete against gladiators, in GUTS the contestants only compete with each other and instead of gladiators inside the field or the arena with them, they have “umpires” and “crew men” or “spotters” who help out every time there is a snag with one of the stunts. So Nickelodeon GUTS really does apply all the necessary safeguards to make this intense physical competition as safe for the teenage participants as ever.

The Extreme Arena is  a modified sports complex that features extreme versions of sports and obstacles. Each event awards points according to what place the team gets and at the end of each competition day or episode the teams battle it out on the MEGA CRAG a.k.a AGGRO CRAG or the SUPER AGGRO CRAG! The CRAG is a mountain of obstacles built right smack in the middle of the Extreme Arena. It is a tower of pain but if you conquer it, it will also be your tower of glory.

GUTS is hosted by the football jersey wearing Mike O’malley and the beautiful British narrator and referee Moira Quirk.