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Summer Senders gets slimed
Summer Senders gets slimed

Figure it Out is a game show where in a contestant gets the chance to win cool prizes, but there’s a catch- the contestant needs to be the best or inventor of something. In an episode of Figure it Out, the contestant gets to sit with the host,Summer Sanders in front of a panel of old nickelodeon shows fame trying to figure out what the contestant has done, won, invented or is good at.

When a panel member -usually it’s Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete)- does the “secret slime action” then the said nickelodeon star gets slimed. Every time the panel gets slimed an audience member gets to win a Figure it Out prize. If they are lucky they also get slimed care of a hair whip from Danny Tamberelli or Lori Beth Denberg.

Billy the Answer Head is the game board on which the achievement of the contestant is written on. They are all flipped over of course to hide the answer from the panelists. Figure it Out is divided into 3 rounds and each round the  panelists are stumped the contestant gets to win a cool prize. one of the better prizes i could remember was a Nintendo 64 game console. Sometimes the panel is given a hint via charades by the Charade Brigade. The contestant at this point need not worry because most of the panels really try their hardest not to get the clues and the answers right.  Nickelodeon after all aims to make kids happy.


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