Old Nickelodeon Shows : Are You Afraid of the Dark?

areyouafraidofthedarkAre You Afraid of the Dark? It’s a question we were asked all too often in the great decade of the 90s every time we switch our TVs to Nickelodeon. Are You Afraid of the Dark? really is the best teen targeted horror/thriller series of the old nickelodeon shows roster.

The intro for Are You Afraid really sent chills down my spine every time it came on.

The Midnight Society is the name of a group of teenage friends that meet in the woods at night, around a bon fire to share scary stories. Every episode is told by one member and the stories span sub genres of horror from horror-comedy to serious drama-horror. Since the series does not follow an over all story, a story with the midnight society, the series gives itself freedom to just play around with Genres and sub genres of horror, which really made the whole show great. Some episodes are really superficial and just plain fun while others try to bring a deeper sensibility to it all. Either way, every episode was successful in evoking a longing for the next episode. This old Nickelodeon show sometimes scared and shook us but we always enjoyed each and every episode.