Old Nickelodeon Shows : Doug, Patti, Skeeter, Pork Chop, Roger

Old Nickelodeon Shows Nick Toons – Doug

Old Nickelodeon Shows : Doug, Patti, Skeeter, Pork Chop, Roger

Doug is a coming of age nicktoon that is so relatable it is set in your very own childhood and teenage years. Doug’s titular character is Doug Funnie, an average young kid that has all the troubles of a teenage wannabe and the imagination of someone barely out of grade school. Doug Funnie even has a superhero alter ego oddly named Quail Man. He even gets his dog Pork Chop into the act naming him Quail Dog.

Doug’s best friend is Skeeter he is colored blue and he always supports his friend. His real name is even weirder than his nickname. it’s Mosquito.

Roger Klotz is Doug’s rival in school. Everyone’s got to have a rival and Doug certainly picked the best of them. Roger is also the resident school bully by the way.

Patti Mayonnaise is Doug’s dream girl. She somehow is always mentioned in a sentence by Doug. This uncertain relationship non relationship status they have with each other is what really hits home for me. It is just so real that you can touch it. Even after the series is finished their relationship status is not really certain maybe it’s because Doug always gets cold feet.- but that’s growing up.

Legends of the Hidden Temple Kirk Fogg and Olmec

Old Nickelodeon Shows : Game Shows – Legends of the Hidden Temple

Legends of the Hidden Temple Kirk Fogg and Olmec

Legends of the Hidden Temple is the name of a kids’ television game show that was part of a bunch of famous old Nickelodeon shows. The most prominent feature of this game show was a sentient tribal giant head statue named- Olmec. (The word “olmec” is actually the word referring to giant head statues) Olmec actually opens the show and refers to Kirk Fogg as the “guide”.

6 teams named after a color and an animal compete to retrieve the hidden treasure  for each episode and only those teams who complete the task of the round may be able to advance to the next round.

The 6 teams are as follows: Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, Purple Parrots and the  Silver Snakes

In the first round the 6 teams attempt to cross the moat which separates the teams from the actual temple. So even before setting foot on the temple 2 teams are already cut from the roster since only 4 get to advanced to the 2nd stage.

The next round is a question and answer round wherein Olmec tells the story of the hidden treasure of the episode and after which he would ask them some multiple choice questions. The 4 teams are situated on the top of  3 steps and each correctly answered question would allow the team to step down 1 step. The 1st 2 teams to step down the 3 steps would go to the next round.

The 3rd round will then be a showdown between the two teams each competing identical events simultaneously and the winning team will be awarded Pendants of Life corresponding to how many events they win. The team to win this round then gets the right to enter Olmec’s temple in search for the hidden treasure.

The 4th round is the last round of this great old nickelodeon game show.  It is a round that is set inside the temple and now instead of facing other teams, the team now races against time and faces off against temple guards. Only a Pendant of Life will allow a player to continue unharmed when confronted by a temple guard. If the team can return back to the gate with the treasure in hand within 3 minutes then they win the grand prize.